The Old Bard at Quiz Night Challenge…

On Saturday evening we had a community quiz evening with St Johns, West Hendon. It was a great evening of fun, challenge and laughter, with all teams running it close until the final table round.IMG_1299 The breadth of knowledge of the participants was inspiring, if not quite disturbing? Who else would know which country had the most female pipe smokers? Not all the questions demanded random knowledge and the victorious ‘Dez’s Desirables’ won by just 2 points.

One of the rounds saw our likeable quizmaster displaying his shakespearean acting skills (well, skill may not be quite accurate!) to raucous laughter, and we needed to remember that there was a quiz to win. The writings of ‘The Bard’ are obviously well known in this area.

It was a fun night and we made new friends, laughed with old friends and we were greatly encouraged.

Thy Kingdom Come

We have been invited to pray with Christians from around the world during the 9 days between Ascension and Pentecost with the “Thy Kingdom Come” initiative. This initiative encourages people to explore, through prayer, how they may courageously witness to God’s life changing work.

Please join with us as we pray together: ‘Come Holy Spirit: thy kingdom come’ and may our waiting and praying open our hearts afresh to God’s possibilities.

He is Risen

Lent ends, light shines through the darkness and will not be hidden again. The Church stands up, its people shout ‘He is Risen’ and the faithful of all the generations can respond Alleluia!

What a privilege to share this Holy week with St Johns West Hendon and to share the victory cry of Easter. It has also been a tremendous encouragement to share with other churches in Cricklewood as the people of God prayed and worshipped. We are truly a blessed people.

As we enter the Easter season, let us rejoice in our resurrected Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Holy Week

IMG_3598It has been a great start to Holy Week as we have been exploring the Easter story with some local school children. What a joy and a privilege to share the story that has influenced the world and points to a glorious Saviour. We are blessed to know the crucified Messiah who is resurrected and reigns in glory.



Our area is in the midst of major change as we are on the edge of a regeneration scheme, here in north west London. The changes will be huge and children born today will have left school by the time it is complete. Change is never easy but it is a constant and there is truth in the saying that we ‘do not fear change but rather the loss that change demands’.

Our hope, at St Peters, is to guide, support and nurture the local people in and through this change. As a church, we want to demonstrate that the never changing love of God is as real in times of change, as well as times of stability. Should the church engage solely in the ‘spiritual lives of its members’? Absolutely not! The church is here for all people, meeting needs, celebrating success and being ambassadors for Christ in all the changing scenes of life.

Regeneration is here….we will be there in the midst…let us serve you.